Monday, November 29, 2010

Friends and Football

I love sports, especially football, but not just because of the hard hits or adrenaline or gratutious shots of cheerleaders. Football, probably more than any other sport, gives people a reason to get together, to congregate, to make a party out of watching the actual game.

Today I posted on Facebook pictures from my journey to L.A. two days ago for the Notre Dame - USC game. For the last ten years - literally a decade - every time I went up there I questioned my loyalty to the school as ND spiraled downward and USC shot to the top. Saturday was a reminder that I chose that university b/c of its blend of spirituality, sports, academics, and rah-rah alumni. USC is awesome too and I love their campus but ND was just a better fit for me (plus I wanted to explore life outside of Cali).

On the spiritual tip, I was blown away by God's small favors. A free ticket from my classmate Chad, little traffic (a minor miracle), literally running into Joe Quiroz on the way to the tailgate we were looking for, and after climbing up a loooooong stairwell finding that our seats were just three rows down - with seat backs! Plus I met a Hollywood actor, Milo Vetamiglini (sp.?), seated right in front of me and girls apparently love him.

What else? It rained but my Padres jacket and cap were perfect resistance. And I met the guy that dresses up as a Trojan warrior and we playfully sparred for pictures' sake. Frankly, a lot of 'SC fans were rude and condescending. But history has shown me that those tend to be just 'fans' of the team whereas most alumni are classy and good sports. Like the Trojan warrior - he was cool.

And that's what football is all about. Fun and good times. I capped the weekend by going to the Tilted Kilt on Sunday night with Rossi, Slick Nick, Soltren, Ana, D-Hanse, Rochis, Katie Barba, Ari, and Phil. We watched the Chargers pound the Colts 36-14. The Irish's 20-16 triumph could have been watched at home and I would've been dryer and warmer. The Charger beatdown could have been watched at home as well. Thank God neither were.

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's What I Do

I've always written, but usually on e-mail or Facebook or MySpace or when I finally put it all together and wrote my first book. It's what I do, it's what I love. But this is the first time I've created an actual blog per se.

Do I treat it as an online journal and tell you - in "Dear Diary" form - that today I got a fresh fade, stopped by my work to clean up my snail-mail inbox, and tonight am heading to a friend's birthday party in Chula Vista? Do I admit that I bought that friend a gift card at 7-Eleven primarily because I wanted to snag a hot dog too?

Or do I wax poetically about Thanksgiving Day yesterday serving as a reminder that, this year when I thought a dating relationship would work out, it didn't, or that getting ahead financially is going to require some great thought and sacrifice, yet all that matters is when friends take time to text or hang out with me?

The year isn't over but I can tell you that I am pretty much questioning love right now. Yet I am not questioning my love of friends, books, athletics, spirituality, and fun...none of those needing to be mutually exclusive...because they bring me happiness and joy. Lots of it. I am proud that I completed a marathon. I am proud that my speaking career has taken off this year. I am proud that I know probably 50 cell phone numbers by memory.

So as the year closes I'll just keep on laughing, loving, observing, and writing. As long as I have friends, everything else seems secondary.